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Brand Statement

EMORTAL—The "E" stands for extraordinary while/whereas “Mortal” means to be human. Established in June 1997, EMORTAL stands for the individuals who strives to be out of the ordinary.

VISION–Our vision is to to suit the global citizen on the move and provide timeless clothing and accessories for their next extraordinary adventure.

Emortal was started in the summer of 1997 by Rod Emortal. He wanted to incorporate everything he loved that kept him out of trouble growing up in Los Angeles into his brand. Back then, Rod kept himself busy by immersing himself in street dance, hip hop culture, and cycling all of which he still takes part in today. While he continues to ride everyday on his fixed gear bike & is an active member in the street dance community, he has taken up street photography and traveling the world where he continues to evolve & build his network.
Rod’s own philisophy, “You are defined by your own resilience, the experiences and knowledge that you gain in life; and how you give back to the world around you.”